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Every mom deserves to be treated like the queen of the world on Mother’s Day.  Actually, we should really be adored and pampered every day… after all, the world would pretty much fall apart without us.

To be honest, I feel like blended family moms should get extra props.  Being a great mom to our own children is easy.  We fall in love with them when they’re precious babies, and that love grows with each passing day and year and milestone.  As a step-mom, we make a choice to love a child that we did not create.  We embrace the role of mother, even when we’re treated like the enemy, the wicked witch, or the step-monster.

So for that I say Step-Mothers of the world unite!  Let us go with glee to enjoy spa days and breakfast in bed as those around us shout our praises.  Ha!  Ok, perhaps just let us have a day without drama.

Here’s my wish list for the perfect Mother’s Day…


–       A Clean Home (that I didn’t clean)  You know, if every one of my Facebook friends would donate 50 cents, we could pay a cleaning service to do a super deep clean. Hint, hint.

–       For my 13 year old to say he loves me out loud, even when other people can hear.

–       A hairstyle that doesn’t look like I just fell out of an 1980’s music video (check my last blog if you missed the pictures)

–       For all 5 of our children to spend time together as a family with no fighting, no texting, no video games – even for just an hour.

–       A gift certificate for 3 nip/tuck procedures of my choice.  Don’t judge!

–       A camera that would capture every precious moment – a sweet prayer, a spontaneous hug, a loving gesture – from one of my children and then replay them for me whenever I forget about the good moments.

–       Quality time with my husband that DOES include sex, and does NOT include talking about bills or schedules.

–       Knowing that I am loved – by my Father, my parents, my man, my kids and step-kids, my friends (oh wait, I already have this one!)

My wish is for you to have all these things to.  Mother’s Day and every day.  (Well, maybe not the plastic surgery.  That one’s just for me)

What’s on your wish list?

(archived from May 5, 2013)

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