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Over the past several months I’ve received some great feedback on this blog.  Before I ever launched I decided that I would be speaking to other working moms with blended families, but what I’ve found is that many of my readers are first marriage wives or single moms.  Some of the lessons I’ve learned remind them to treasure where they are right now, and that the grass isn’t always greener with the next marriage.  One single mom told me that some of my posts scare her because I tend to get real about the struggles of adding step-kids and ex-wives.  Some readers applaud my efforts to love and forgive all the ex’s, and myself, for our shortcomings.
In any case, I’m finding that blended family struggles speak to lots of different kinds of moms.  And that’s why I’m trying to increase my ranking with Top Mommy Blogs.  This is a site I used in order to figure out where to begin.  I’d love to be one of their top ranking bloggers for 4 reasons.

1 – To reach more women in need of encouragement for their marriages & families

2 – Because blogging is a fun, creative outlet for me

3 – To get enough visitors that I can attract advertisers to my site

3 – To one day earn enough from blogging that working a full time job can be a choice, rather than a necessity

So please click on VOTE FOR ME every time you’re on my page.  Just clicking on it registers your vote, and you can vote once per day.  If you end up checking out other blogs on their site, I also rise in my “clickiest” ratings.  I love the eco-friendly bloggers & the moms that like to post coupons & recipes.  Beware, you can do this all day!

Thanks so much for your support.  Please leave comments and come back soon.  -Andi

(archived from May 17, 2013)

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