Too Young for Prom?

Okay friends, I’m going to need some input on this one.  What is an appropriate age to attend prom?

Here’s why I ask…. we have a 14-year-old freshman that’s going this weekend.  Personally, I think he’s too young.  The fact that his girlfriend is a junior really doesn’t put my mind at ease… at all.  Now just so you understand, this boy lives with his mom so I wasn’t in the position to give or not give permission.  I only came into the equation when I found out we were expected to pay for his tux.  We won’t get into that part of the issue as it’s still a bit of a sore spot between me & the Mr.

Now then, whether I like it or not this boy will be going to prom this weekend.  He’s a good kid.  I’m sure she’s a good kid.  I still say he’s too young.  I must admit that I’m basing this on my prom experiences.

1986-1988 my Prom Years

prom1985   prom5   217422_1029807039106_1513_n

I remember my friends deciding whether or not to get a hotel room for the night.  I remember kids sneaking liquor into their limo (not necessarily the friends pictured below, just couldn’t resist showing off the awesome hairstyles).  I remember the parties.  I remember the stories.


I realize not every kid parties & drinks.  In fact, our other son… the 18 year old high school senior went to his prom last weekend and it was fine.  I guess I was just more prepared to deal with the decisions our 18 year old would be faced with.  I don’t like to think about a 14 year old having to navigate those same decisions.

The hardest part is that both of these boys are my step-sons.  When I talk about my concerns my husband gets very protective.  I get it.  Our protective instincts kick in for our “originals”.  Plus, my sweet man was such a good boy in high school.   Perhaps he’s a bit naive.  Perhaps I’m a bit paranoid.  Hopefully we balance each other out.

As far as this Saturday night goes.  I hope the kids have fun, but not too much fun.  I’ll be praying for their safety & their choices.  And I’ll be eager to hear what age you think is the right age for prom. (just for the record my vote is “high school junior” and/or 16)



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