There is Hope

ECU Easter lily

Easter is such a lovely holiday.  Everyone dressed in their spring colors, looking so sharp and ready to celebrate one of my favorite things HOPE.  As our blended family gathers on Easter morning I wonder what expectations each of the kids have for this day.  Do they believe in the Easter bunny?  Are they disappointed that their Easter baskets are small, or for the older boys, that there is no basket, just a chocolate bunny?  Do they have any idea why we celebrate Easter?  Of course they heard all about it at church, but how much do they really understand?

When I was a kid, Easter was a fun 3-day weekend, which meant we would go camping.  The Easter bunny would visit my tent & hide eggs in the woodlands.  I’ve been trying to remember if I ever questioned why we celebrated Easter, but I honestly don’t think I did.  I just thought it was the springtime holiday.  And I was fine with that, or so I thought.

When I look back over my adolescence, I can see how badly I was crying out for love and hope beyond what could be provided by parents & friends.  I had a sadness, an emptiness in my heart.  I tried pretty much everything imaginable throughout the years to fill that empty space.  Most of the things I tried only left me feeling more lonely & desperate.  My parents divorced & remarried.  I felt like an outsider, never fully accepted in these new families.

That’s why I try to be sensitive to each of the kids in our family.  I know we are each responsible for our own feelings and reactions, but I want them to know that they are loved and accepted… and that there is always hope for a new season.  But no matter what my husband and I do or don’t do for them, they will need something more.  They need the One that will always fill that empty space.

I didn’t meet the Lord until I was 30, and as much as I regret not knowing him sooner, I know that my struggles have made me stronger.  It’s why I feel so passionate about this blog.  I am determined not to waste one single experience, especially if that experience can help someone else.  Another mom who feels overwhelmed in her blended family, who perhaps suddenly realizes that it’s twice as hard as she ever imagined.  Yes, it is.  But you are not alone.  And neither am I.  We have HOPE.  And on this Easter I am especially reminded that there’s one reason we have this hope.  His name is Jesus.  If you haven’t met him yet I encourage you to learn more about him.  He’s too much of a gentleman to barge into your life, but as soon as you open the door, he will welcome you into his arms.

Happy Easter!

(archived from Mar. 31, 2013)

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