The gym IS my social life: Chasing NPC Bikini


Do you have a workout buddy?  It really makes it more fun.  That’s much of the reason I’m constantly inviting friends to join my gym.  Our progress may be individual, but much can be said for having someone there rooting you on.  And I guarantee it makes you push yourself just a little bit harder, especially if you’re working out with someone who inspires you.

When I first started weight training, my husband and I trained together.  Pretty exciting date night, eh?! I really enjoyed having something that we were both doing together, but as far as the actual training goes, boys and girls don’t make great partners because the workouts are different.  We don’t work the same muscles on the same days.  Guys like to work their chests a lot, whereas many women don’t target that muscle group at all.  Girls love leg day because we want great legs and butts.  Guys love to skip leg day.


So basically working out with my husband really just meant that we were both at the gym at the same time.  Our trainer at the time used a pretty hands-off approach meaning he texted us our workouts and was available (sometimes) to answer questions.  Most of the time I relied on Google or to look up what the form was supposed to look like.  Looking back, it’s pretty amazing I stuck with it.  But somehow I fell in love with the process.  The more my body responded, the more I wanted to do.

A year ago I made the move to Hero Training Center.  I immediately discovered the difference it makes to have a trainer that cares about developing you as a person and as an athlete.  And I found out there is great value in having like-minded, awesome individuals training alongside you to provide encouragement and support.


The gym has become my primary social outlet.  I mean, it’s such a beating to go to parties or dinners where food is the primary focus.  I rarely even go to lunch with co-workers because I carry all my own food with me.  (much to the dismay of the gals with whom I share an office… especially when my diet includes fish)


Anyway, I digress.  The new lesson I want to share is one I just discovered in the last 2 weeks.  I trained with a partner!  And not just any partner, but a woman I admire so much!  Jenna looks amazing in every way.  She competes at a national level, and when she does her bikini check (see my blog on Swimsuit Checks for an explanation) I can tell you that every single one of us in the gym stops what we’re doing to watch.


Jenna is a great training partner!  She shows me techniques to target specific muscles, and we take pictures of each other to see our form from every angle.  The best part for me is the feeling of accomplishment I get when I am able to match her, even the 100lb dead lifts!  Her form looks better (of course), but I’m working on it!  She’s also over 40 and a mom.  Talk about inspirational!!


Having someone by your side helps to push you to make the most of every set.  And taking turns forces you to rest in between sets as well, which is very important and often overlooked.

Once again I find myself thankful for this process, thankful for the people, and thankful for the whole culture of trying to become better than we were yesterday.


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