The Gift of Time

An ice storm hit North Texas this week and we’ve been virtually stranded for 3 days inside our apartment.  What an unexpected blessing!

Our calendar was packed full this weekend.  We had my office Christmas party, my step-daughter was to be baptized (an event her mom scheduled) which conflicted with a big performance my oldest “original” was to perform at Six Flags.  I had no idea how we were going to manage that schedule conflict without awkward “my kid vs your kid” decisions.  And then suddenly everything was cancelled.  Everything!

Instead, we’ve cleaned and organized our new home.  Pictures are hung and boxes unpacked.  We decorated our Christmas tree and toasted marshmallows.  I made big pots of spaghetti and chili, and my husband made waffles and ventured out for more firewood.  We’ve watched movies and the boys have played video games.  Basically, we’ve done what people are supposed to do during the holidays.  Treasure family time.  Enjoy being home.  Love one another.


I’ve learned an important lesson.  Sometimes it’s okay not to have anything on your schedule.  Now we’ll see what happens when all those cancelled events try to reschedule in what’s left of the countdown til Christmas.  To be honest, I’ll probably try to do it all… but at least we had this weekend of peace on earth.

(archived from Dec. 8, 2013)

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