Thanksgiving 2013


The house smells of comfort food.  Dogs are under foot, hoping for falling scraps.  Football is on the tv with most of the males gathered ’round.  Kids are running in and out the front and back door.  Yes, it’s Thanksgiving in the Texas Hill Country, and I am truly thankful. (despite my less perky post about being a football widow)

I keep seeing funny signs about the holidays bringing out the “fun” in family dysfunction.  And it’s true, I suppose.  But I can honestly say we don’t feel dysfunctional.  How is that possible when you have a blended family that includes 5 kids from 4 different marriages?  Our children have 4 different mothers, live in 4 different cities, and range in age from 19 to 8.  And yet somehow we feel like a normal family.  Perhaps not a traditional one, but a real one.

My super secret plan for thriving during the holidays?  Let go of expectations.

– This Thanksgiving will not be just like last year, or next year, or any other year.  The food won’t taste just like grandma used to make.  Guess what, some things will be even better.  And some won’t, but that’s okay.  You don’t need to eat everything anyway.

– Every moment will not be filled with family warm fuzzies.  Someone will be stressed.  Someone will spend the day in front of the tv rather than helping.  Someone will be missing a lost loved one.  Give everybody some grace.  It’s not all about you.

– Your time off work won’t last as long as you want it to.  Unless you’re retired, you will have to go back to the grind on Monday. Don’t dread it.  You’ll need the money for Christmas.  Be thankful to be employed.

For today, relax and enjoy.  Say grace.  Remember that it is the almighty God we are thanking for all His provision.  And He is good all the time.

(archived from Nov. 28, 2013)



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