Plan Ahead



My trainer Justin Blevins is awesome!  He really knows his stuff.  However, he just about invoked my wrath last night when he replied to a food question with the response, “you should plan ahead”.  Oh if he only knew!!  Side note: my wrath is not so hard to invoke given that I haven’t had carbs in more than a week.


Here is an example of one of my meals during this phase of my training.  I eat 6 meals a day that consist mainly of eggs or beef and healthy oils or avocados.  Sunday I went on a mini road trip that I expected to take about 8 hours.  I carefully packed all my meals for the trip (after making sure my family had groceries and plans for the day, and coordinating schedules for picking up one of my kids from my parents, and dropping off another).


I guess I should have known to pack an extra meal for myself in case I got delayed.  Halfway home I realized that if I didn’t eat along the way I’d have to eat my last 2 meals at 11pm… not ideal.  I stopped at Buc-ee’s in hopes of finding 3oz of beef (and of course to use their restroom because I drink a gallon and a half of water daily).


The only option that looked like it might work was beef jerky, but I was hesitant because I know that sugar is used to make jerky.  I don’t eat sugar.  That’s when I messaged Justin with my dilemma and received the “Plan Ahead” response.  Of course he was right.  But ugh, still frustrating to think I DID plan ahead, only to fall short.

Anyway, I went ahead and ate some jerky as meal 5, and then enjoyed my Super Greens shake when I got home.  FYI, Super Greens shakes don’t actually taste very good, but I’m thankful for anything that fills my belly and gives my body what it needs to do what I’m asking of it.

And I’m quite proud of myself in that this is day 9 of this meal plan and I have not cheated.  Even despite some emotional upheaval, I did not turn to food.  However, I sure chomped some gum and drank an extra bottle of Perrier as a treat.  ha!  A couple more days and Justin will evaluate my progress.  I find this process fascinating.  Hope you do too!

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