Love is Playful


We’re working on having a better marriage.  We’re working on blending our family.  We’re working on getting closer to God, becoming healthier and debt free, spending more time with friends and family… sounds like we’re doing an awful lot of WORK!
If you have a blended family, chances are you feel pretty overworked too.  February is the perfect month to catch your breath and focus on LOVE.

There are a million little things you can do… from love notes to yummy little treats, date nights or couples massages… and there’s a million places to find those lists.  In fact, after you read my blog you might want to check out iMom’s 41 Ways to Romance Your Husband.

ONE thing I encourage you to focus on is staying playful.  Most of us are playful when we’re dating, but re-marriage brings a lot of responsibility under which our playfulness can get buried.

A note of caution – don’t scar your kids for life like we may have done this week.  I’ll explain and hopefully you’ll get a laugh.  You see, we use a program called Cozi for family schedules and shopping  lists.  It’s nice because we can all access it from our phones or computers.  So last weekend I had my laptop on the kitchen table where I was entering items for the grocery list.  I left it on as my husband and I left for the store.  Bored with shopping, he decides to be cute and add “get naked” to our grocery list from his phone.  It popped up on my phone and I laughed and pressed the check mark button to cross it off the list.  A few minutes later a new line appears that reads “I’m not sure if I’m more disturbed by ‘get naked’ or the fact that it’s crossed off the list!”.  Ha!  Our 14 year old had seen my laptop on the kitchen table and we were busted!

I figure the damage was minimal.  In fact, it’s good for children to see their parents/step-parents being playful, even if a tad inappropriate.  We are married after all!

I encourage you today GET PLAYFUL!  Just don’t get naked in the grocery store.

(archived from Feb. 7, 2014)



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