Love is in the Air


(archived from Feb. 14, 2013)

I must admit, I love Valentine’s Day!  Guess I’m a sucker for all the mushy love stuff.  And this year I figured out that my husband is too.

Apparently last year I made the mistake of thinking that I didn’t need to get him a Valentine gift.  Honestly I figured it was a holiday for women, and that men didn’t care about that stuff.  Well, I was wrong.  (yes honey, write it down – I actually admitted to being wrong!)  I took a poll of the guys at work and only about 10% care if their wives and/or girlfriends get them a gift.  So ladies, find out whether your man is in that 10%!  Good news for the gals is that 100% of the men I polled knew that they MUST give their lady something for Valentines.  Whew!  They are paying attention!

No matter how your man feels about this particular holiday, there are a few things I’ve learned he needs every day…
– respect & honor
– physical affection
– words of praise & kindness

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