Life is Sweeter…



Fill in the blank.  For me, life is sweeter with the ones I love.  Loved ones like my sister, who threw an awesome Life is Sweeter at 40 party for her husband.  She’s so creative; I just had to share!  And be watching next week for a link to my blog on Rene Syler’s Good Enough Mother website where I discuss why my sister and I dropped the ‘step’ from our relationship.  Make sure you’re following my Facebook blog page so you don’t miss my GEM blogs.

But first, I know we all love fun & simple party ideas.  My camping party blog from last year is still getting daily re-Pins on Pinterest.  Click the bears to see the rest of the pictures…


Now guard your sweet tooth, things are about to get sticky!





If you’d like to know how she made any of these just comment or email me!

 (archived from May 23, 2014)

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