Kiss Me Quick

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Don’t look now but we’re sneaking a kiss! We should sneak them more often, and so should you.

There is just something so special, so sweet, so tender about a kiss between a husband and a wife.  And yet, like so many other things, our kisses get lost in the busyness of life.  Blended families have so many moving parts: kids coming and going, schedules complicated by ex-spouses with their own agendas, jobs and doctor appointments, homework and sports… hmmm, I think I just gave you a rundown of my day.  I’ll bet it sounds familiar.

Today, however, was different.  My man did something special.  He was leaving for work as I was returning from the dentist and we missed each other by only about a minute.  He turned the car around and came back home just to get a kiss.  That small gesture meant the world to me.  And it reminded me to stop a moment and consider what other little things we could do to show one another love, kindness, support.  Those little things add up and build a stronger, healthier marriage.  That’s the kind of marriage that will withstand the trials of blended life.

Quick, right now if you can, go kiss your spouse!


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  1. I had to Pin this article! When I’m married one day, Lord willing, and things get crazy, I hope that we’ll remember to slow down and steal a kiss!

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