It Takes a Village… to Get Through the Carpool Lane

(archived from Nov. 5, 2012)

Do you ever think schools purposely try to make your life more difficult? For instance, the 3 boys that live with us attend 3 different schools. The elementary school hours are 7:45am to 2:45pm. The middle school hours are 8:05am to 3:25pm. The high school is 8 to 4.

I realize the buses need to be spaced apart. However, why do the little kids get out first?! If it were reversed, the older boys could pick up the younger. Instead, I must leave work to do the 2:45pm school run. And then either sit at home an hour before returning to work, or let my 4th grader fend for himself. What a pain!

Until I met my partner mom! I knew I wasn’t the only one stressed and frustrated by the drop-off & pick-up madness, so I made it a point to attend every event possible and meet people. (we’re new to the schools this year) And my husband did the same. Bingo, we met another family with 7th and 4th grade boys who were absolutely thrilled to ride-share. Now our family takes the 4 boys to school, and their family picks them up after.  (our high-schooler drives himself)

Don’t be shy moms! We need back-up. Even if I didn’t work outside the home, there are doctor appointments and other life stuff that comes up.  So I say… go to PTA meetings, football games, speech meets… go where the parents are and start talking. Who knows, you might even make new friends, for you and your kids!

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