In Search of Balance

Love wins

This blog has taken a bit of a detour, as has my life, over the past few months. My quest to become a fitness competitor just might have bordered on a teeny-weeny bit obsessive. The quest is not over, but I am taking a few weeks to work on an important part of this journey… balance.

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Becoming a competitor takes a lot of focus and dedication, but so does being a mother, and a wife, and a network marketing professional, a tv producer, and a blogger. I am all of those things, and it’s not fair to let one crowd out the others.


What roles do you juggle? Ever notice that you can be rolling along thinking that you’re doing a bang-up job keeping all the moving parts going when, SMASH, some obstacle brings it all crashing down?! Even a small bump in the road can shake you up and remind you that it’s time to slow down and re-evaluate your priorities.


My speed bump came in the form of a mini-crisis with one of our kids. The emotional turmoil of the situation threw me for a loop and I caught myself stress eating.   Guilt and self-pity followed. I felt like a less than adequate mother, less than adequate athlete, less than adequate in pretty much everything I was trying to accomplish.  Stress, guilt, self-pity, crappy eating…. okay, perhaps this has been more than just a speed bump.  Then I thought about the poor example I would be setting if I gave in to this negative spiral.  We all get tripped up sometimes.  It is then we must remind ourselves of the truth, that we were created for a very specific purpose and equipped with everything we need to accomplish it.


These are the 4 areas I will focus and improve:

  • Healthy attitudes – I must not allow negative self-talk.  I will not bad-mouth myself or anyone else.  If I slip up, I will apologize (yes, even to myself) and do better.
  • Healthy relationships – I will nourish the relationships that matter and let go of any that may be toxic.
  • Healthy priorities – I will not allow my time or energy to be drained by pointless activities or negative people.
  • Healthy eating – I will avoid sugar & processed food, but will not beat myself up over the occasional craving for peanut butter.


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Pretty sure I won’t do any of these things perfectly, but this journey is all about progress, not perfection.  As I improve each of these areas it will bring greater balance into every area.  And this is the perfect time of year to do it!  Spending the holidays reconnecting with family and friends, and then starting strong in January building my business and my booty.  Ha!

Great things to come in 2016!




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