Hit the Road


I’m on a family road trip… without my family!  Well, without my husband and kids.  I am riding across the country with my parents.  Why would a grown woman subject herself to a car trip with PARENTS?  Two big reasons…

  1. It’s never too late to bond!

If you have a blended family you know that the “blending” is an ongoing process.  And that process doesn’t end just because you’re grown.  I don’t spend much time with my mom & step-dad any more.  We live in different states & we all have very busy lives.  So when the opportunity came up to spend 5 or 6 days together I jumped right in.  We have a lot to catch up on!  Some conversations need to be had in person, not just via Facebook status updates and pictures.

And as I’ve learned from road trips with my own kids… (see “What Are They Really Thinking?”) sometimes you’ve just gotta keep driving until the walls come down.  Has every moment been stress free?  Hardly!  But every moment has been worth it as we get to know each other in the seasons of life we’re in right now.

And speaking of seasons, this carload of Texans & Floridians did not expect this!



  1. We went to visit Grandma!

Actually, we visited lots of family that we love dearly.  But the one person that was the reason for the whole trip is my 87 year old grandmother.  She is the glue that holds our entire herd together.  She’s feisty as can be, and definitely let us have it when she learned that we were leaving a bit early to escape the snow.  But I love that woman more than words can express.

Every time I sit and talk with her I learn new facets of my family I never knew before.  I see the deep unending love she has for my grandpa who died last year.  I learn how they managed to stay married more than 60 years in good times and in bad.  I see how the faith and love of one person can impact generations.

And I know that the nurses at her retirement home will never have a dull moment while she’s there to tell them all how the place should be run!


It was not easy to leave my husband and kids behind for this trip, but sometimes you have to go it alone to focus on other important relationships in your life.  Parents and grandparents are so precious.  I am reminded, and so remind you, not to waste a single day or a single opportunity to share a special moment.  Family is family, blended or otherwise. We choose to love and love forever.

(archived from Feb. 24, 2014)

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