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One of the most challenging parts of being a 40-something mother of 5 is trying to show the world how hip and cool I still am without making a fool of myself in the process.

This week I’m failing miserably… and learning to appreciate hats!  Here’s what happened.  I saw this really cool hairstyle on Pinterest… I could probably stop right here as I’m sure you can guess what happened.  How many great stories of our time started with “it looked so easy on Pinterest”?!

Here’s the hairstyle I was going for.  Perhaps not as short, but the colors for sure…


The problem is, I’ve never been blonde and I’ve been coloring and/or highlighting my medium brown hair for years, especially now that more and more greys are creeping in.  Well the dark bottom color took – boy DID it take – but the bleaching process was another story.  You do not want to hear “orange” or “your hair might break off” when you’re sitting in the stylist’s chair.  So here’s what I’ve got…


Of course all 5 of the kids were home when I arrived, and each of them had to file in to witness my new style.  The youngest & only girl said she wished I’d gone pink instead of yellow.  The 2 oldest boys just shook their heads. I can only imagine what they told their mothers, my ex-wife-in-laws.  My 2 “originals” know mom well, and tried their best to assure me it was actually pretty cool.  My husband said the style was either punk rocker or adolescent.  He wasn’t trying to be unkind, just searching for adequately descriptive words.  I’ve decided to tell people I fell out of a 1980’s music video.

The funny thing has been the reaction at work and church.  Some people claim to love it.  Others pretend not to notice anything different.; while some dear souls offer extensive advice on how to fix it.

All I can do is laugh and decide day by day whether to rock it or wear a hat.  In 3 weeks I can go back and try to fix the color.  Is it still possible to get the look I was aiming for?  Or should I forget it and go back to brunette?  Advice welcome!

(archived from May 3, 2013)


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