Go All In: Chasing NPC Bikini



Are you actively pursuing your goals?  Do you even know what they are?  I didn’t always.  In fact, I spent many years in what I would call survival mode.

I was so unhealthy.  I was in an unhealthy marriage, eating unhealthy food and gaining weight little by little as I surrounded myself with a protective layer of fat.  Food meant comfort to me.  It was what I turned to in times of stress, depression, frustration, even celebration.  Of course I didn’t realize what I was doing at the time.  I thought I was doing the same thing everyone else does.  Perhaps that’s why we have such an epidemic of obesity now.  It’s time to redefine normal and stop the madness.

10 years ago, I did just that.  I changed my path, having no idea where it would lead.  Little by little I found myself on an amazing journey of improving my health in mind, body and spirit.  In doing so, I believe I’ve also improved the health of my family.  And now I want to share the experience with everyone.   Don’t worry, I won’t do it all in this one post.  It would fill a book! (and perhaps one day it will)


I’ve blogged about my weight loss before, so if you want to fill in the blanks a little feel free to go back through a few of my older posts. (Diet Coke, Feeding an Army, Balance, 3 Myths, Eat Less Crap, Nutrition, Energy)

Otherwise I’ll give you a few bullet points to bring you up to speed…


2005 Joined Weight Watchers and lost 65lbs

2007 Began exercising, starting with walking

2008 Started increasing exercise to incorporate classes like spinning and kickboxing

2009 Got divorced (which was kind of like shedding 200lbs I’d been carrying up a mountain)

2013 Hired a personal trainer – learned about eating clean & weight training

2014 Joined Hero Training Center & made the decision work toward becoming a competitor

2015 Turned up the intensity to begin training for my first NPC Bikini competition


Now that you are caught up, I hope you’ll join the fun as I blog over the next 12 weeks about the process of show prep.  I’ll talk about my diet, my workouts, and because this blog was created for blended families, I’ll make sure to pay attention to how my training impacts my family… the good, the bad and the ugly.  (and believe me, some of the pictures will get ugly)

I’ve got to start out by admitting that I am both thrilled and terrified at the prospect of getting on stage in a very tiny bikini to have my body critiqued by judges.  I know that pictures will make their way to social media and I will be both applauded and criticized.  My instagram is @andi.fitover40 if you’d like to follow me.  I am ready.  My body will never be perfect.  I have stretch marks and scars and tattoos.  I have loose skin from the weight loss that may never tighten up the way I hope.  But I am doing this anyway.  I am doing this for myself, for my children, and for anyone (especially women) who needs to see that anything is possible when you set a goal and GO ALL IN.


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