Fixer-Upper: Heart and Home


Miracles are happening in Grapevine, Texas!

Miracle #1     We bought a house!

Miracle #2     We moved without anyone in the family killing each other.

Yes indeed, God is in control. If I didn’t believe that before, this move was truly evidence that He cares about every detail of our lives. Here’s why…

Just before we closed on the house, my husband lost his job. We thought right then that the whole deal would collapse. It didn’t. We closed without a hitch, even discovering at the last minute that we’d saved more than necessary for closing costs so we had a cushion in savings to tide us over while he transitions to a new job.


I’m not going to say that this situation didn’t create a little extra stress. It felt like a ticking time-bomb. (Hence miracle #2) However, during the move the blessing of this job-loss became evident when we realized that his boss would not have let him take time off at the end of the month. My husband had been working about 85 hours per week in a high-pressure, unhealthy environment. If that had still been the case, I would have been left to handle everything move-related with only the help of our boys. Boys are a great help with the actual move, but packing and cleaning are not their areas of gifting!

As I shared in my last post, I have been in battle on a spiritual level with some other personal issues. This too caused my stress level to climb to heights where the air is thin. When I throw things, it’s a good indication it’s time to duck & run, and pray. Not kidding. I realized that this situation was too big for me to control.

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Any other moms out there have a tendency to try to control everything in their household? I’m guessing that works for you about as well as it does for me. Not at all.


In the midst of all the boxes, the tears, the “where do we put this”… God gave me a revelation. This is our HOME. For the first time since my husband and I married nearly 6 years ago we have a home that is really ours. When we first married I already owned a home so he and one son moved in until we decided to sell and move across town. Then over the years, in order to be in our desired school district, we’ve rented. First a really big house that cost too much, then an apartment that was too small as another son joined our household bringing the count to 4 boys, then a house that was just about right (is this sounding like Goldilocks yet?). What I didn’t realize as we adjusted and readjusted was that none of us felt like we had a HOME. We were constantly in transition. Phrases like, “this will work for now,” became all too commonplace.

I believe this is why God made sure this move happened. And guess what else he showed me? This house needs a lot of work. I love it anyway. I can choose whether to whine about the imperfections of a house that was built in 1968, or I can look out the windows of the gorgeous sunroom at the beautiful yard and trees and be thankful for the space, the roominess, the good bones. Kind of the same way I can whine about my body which originated in 1970, or I can choose to look at the things that make me special.

Over time, we will work to fix the place up to our liking, the same way I work to reconstruct the parts of me that need a little renovation.  And when you think about it, the same thinking can be applied to all our relationships. We can whine about the imperfections we are so quick to spot in others or we can choose to see the good things, meanwhile working together to improve the feng shui of our hearts.  Welcome home.


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  1. Beautifully expressed Andi. So glad you and your family are HOME….and perfect is waaaaaay over rated….you’re going to make it your own. ❤️❤️

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