Family Photo Time

You probably still have a jack-o-lantern sitting on your front porch, but if you haven’t started thinking about your Christmas card family photo, you’re already running behind. Sorry I had to be the one to break it to you. If it makes you feel any better, I have not yet started planning this year’s card. And I honestly have no idea how we’ll top last year’s (pictured above).
First off – we must give credit where credit is due…. I totally got this pose from Pinterest! But that doesn’t mean it was easy. As I learned all too well with hair styles (See Hair Don’t), not everything we see on Pinterest can be easily replicated.

Steps for making this card…

  • The most challenging part is finding a day when you’ll have all the kids… especially for us ‘blendies’ since we only have the whole family together every other weekend (and this year we have one in college so all bets are off for a group photo)
  • Decide what everyone will wear. I went for a look that was simple and only required buying a few black shirts for those of us who didn’t already have one. The trick here is not to get too obsessed over having everyone match exactly. As long as all your colors work together, it’s okay to allow for a little individuality to shine through. (after all, it’s their picture too)
  • Find a blank wall large enough to fit the whole family. We used the back side of a store, where there wasn’t any traffic driving through our shot.
  • If you have a friend that’s a photographer, that can be a great money-saving bonus! (shout out here to our photographer Amanda Gross)
  • If you have a friend that’s a graphic artist, double bonus! I might have been able to add the graphics myself, but having the right software & knowledge can make the difference between laboring for an entire day for something kinda cheesy, or having a really cool card that took an hour to create. (shout out to my graphics peeps!)
  • Buy LOTS of stamps because when you make a card you really love, you’ll want to send it to everyone.

That’s about it. Simple and stress free, right? Ha! My favorite part of this card is that our youngest looks like the ringleader. Wouldn’t you agree?

(archived from Nov. 8, 2013)

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