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We haven’t been fair to our children.  My husband and I have been learning to eat clean over the past year, and do a pretty good job sticking to it.  Yet when you look at my grocery cart you wouldn’t know it.  There are still boxes of hot pockets and chicken nuggets and macaroni ‘n cheese.  I wouldn’t touch that stuff, yet I feed it to our kids.  What gives?!

I’m embarrassed to admit to taking the easy way out, but that’s what has happened.  Most kids don’t want to eat lean meat and fruits and vegetables all the time.  And it’s easier for me to feed them crap rather than argue and fuss.  Time for that to stop!

green pea

Many times I’ve lamented the fact that I did so much damage to my body during my overweight years.  And yet I’ve been teaching my kids that it’s okay to wait til they’re older to make better choices.  Yikes!


Sure, I use ground turkey in their Hamburger Helper, and buy whole wheat bread for their lunches.  Fruits and veggies are always available for snacking.  It’s not like I’ve been force-feeding them junk food.  But we can do better!

Woman feeding kids with vegetables

The two boys who live with us full time have already been eased into these adaptations, so adding better choices shouldn’t be too difficult.  What I dread is this summer when we have all 5 kids for weeks at a time.  How will the one who’s addicted to soda handle it when we say he can no longer walk to the store to buy one?  And what about the one who likes to stash candy?  There won’t be any sugar in the house to sneak!  This could prove to be an interesting summer.

While any parent can relate to the struggles of introducing new foods, blendies can have underlying issues that add to the challenges…

–       Why bother if the kids don’t eat that way at their other home?

–       If the kids don’t like the food at our house, will it prevent them from wanting to spend time with us?

–       What will their other parents think?

I’d love to hear your suggestions!

I do know the first thing we will implement… giving all our kids the best possible all-natural, gluten-free & GMO-free vitamins with ID Nutrition from ID Life.  At least we’ll know that the nutritional gaps will be filled with the best supplements available!   I encourage you to take the free assessment for yourself and your kids today.  Click HERE!  Yes, this is my personal business so I do make commission on orders.  That said, I really do love taking the individually designed supplements, and will soon have our whole family on the road to better health.  Hope you’ll join us!


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