Date Night


My man took me dancing last night!  There’s just no feeling like it.  His strong arms leading me around the dance floor.  The way I cue him gently if we get too close to another couple.  Hearing him sing along in my ear.  It reminds me of why we’re a good couple.  Not that we don’t occasionally miss a beat, but we shuffle a moment and then get it back and keep right on moving.

When I was a little girl I used to love watching my grandparents dance together.  They were so connected, and to me they were always the best dancers on the floor.  I promised myself then that the man I married would dance with me.  Perhaps it’s a little girl’s dream of being Cinderella to have her Prince Charming twirl her around the floor.

So why don’t we dance more often?  Because in our blended family, planning a date night means scheduling time away from our 5 kids.  It means budgeting money to spend just for ourselves.  Sometimes we feel guilty, especially if it’s a weekend when all of the kids are at our house.  Sometimes we feel like it’s too much effort to add one more thing to our busy schedules.  Sometimes we’re just too tired from working and running errands and taxiing kids and living life.

But this morning when I woke up the world looked a little bit brighter.  I felt more connected to my husband after spending an evening focused on spending time together.  I remembered that I’m his girl and there’s no one else he’d rather be with.  Date night did that.

Dating looks different after you’re married.  But the purpose is the same… spending time with and getting to know this other person.  Why would we think that making the commitment to spend our lives together means we no longer need to spend dedicated time learning about each other.  Talking, dancing, whatever it is that helps you connect and reminds you that you are more than just parents, you are a couple – a man and a woman who’ve chosen to spend your lives together.  Besides, it’s fun!

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