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My family loves to go to the movies. Problem is, we rarely agree on our entertainment choices. Yesterday was no different as my husband and I attempted to find a good one in which to treat our 4 boys as a Christmas outing. We nearly gave up as we argued our way through the ticket line, finally reluctantly choosing “Daddy’s Home” and angrily forking over $65 for tickets.

The price of movie tickets is the reason I prefer to split into groups and ensure everyone sees a movie they’ll enjoy, but since it was Christmas we were determined to stick together, like it or not!

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As you can see I did not go into this flick with a happy-go-lucky attitude, so the fact that I found myself laughing out loud throughout the film speaks volumes. Who knew blended family struggles could be so funny? Apparently you just need a healthy dose of Will Ferrell, Mark Walberg and Hannibal Buress and you can’t help but crack up.

The synopsis sums up the plot as, “A mild-mannered radio executive (Will Ferrell) competes for the affection of his stepchildren when their freewheeling and freeloading father (Mark Wahlberg) shows up.”  But that really doesn’t do it justice.  Check out the trailer.

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In addition to the laughter, I actually found myself having a variety of emotions while watching this movie.  At times I felt myself yearning for the kind of relationship Will Ferrell’s character kept striving to have with his step-children.  He would burst into tears every time either of them came to him for advice or treated him like a dad.  Other times I wondered what was going through the minds of my two “original” boys as they watched since their dad vanished from their lives 2 years ago.  I wondered how they would react if he suddenly came back as Mark Wahlberg’s character does in the movie.  Somehow I doubt that our story would be as full of humor as the one in the movie.

I think a good comedy should do more than make you laugh; it should make you think.  That’s exactly what Daddy’s Home did for everyone in our family.  Here are the 3 things I liked most…

  1. The wife no longer has romantic feelings for her ex, but she does admit that his magnetic personality is hard to resist.  Many women can relate to the variety of feelings that would battle within as the bad-boy comes back all cleaned up and wanting to reclaim his family.
  2. The movie doesn’t depend solely on Will Ferrell for the comedic elements.  In fact, the character Griff played by Hannibal Buress was my favorite.  His character served very little purpose as far as the central story line, but would show up in a scene and state the obvious.  It was so random and yet hilarious.
  3. The movie showed that kids can love their step-parent without taking away from the love they feel for their biological parent.  When parents realize this fact and act like adults, everybody wins.

Now I’m not saying this is going to be an Oscar contender, but it was cute, uplifting, and funny.  The places I thought it fell short…

  1. It took the mom way too long to step up and support her husband.  I don’t think many women would allow the alpha-male battle to continue under their own roof.
  2. Will Ferrell’s character would lie or exaggerate about his abilities to the point where it would cause him to get hurt.  I realize that was part of the physical humor, but mostly I thought it was dumb.  Although to be fair I have seen men hurt themselves trying to look young and hip, so perhaps it’s not so far-fetched after all.

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I don’t want to give out too many spoilers so I’ll wrap this up with a thumbs up for Daddy’s Home as a movie pick for blended families.  Do keep in mind it’s rated PG-13.


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