Chasing NPC Bikini: Product of the Product



Anyone who was anywhere near me during my recent contest prep can tell you that coffee and gum have been important staples in getting through the day.


But there are a few other things that truly helped me in every step of the process. You’ll notice a common brand in these products and quickly understand why I believe wholeheartedly in each and every one. I am a product of the product.


SHAKES: Depending on the meal plan (which changes week to week), it’s a safe bet that 1 to 3 of my daily meals comes in the form of a protein shake. Because I mix it with water the flavor of the shake itself needs to be outstanding.

I use IDLife Shakes for several reasons:

  • The quality is the best as the whey protein is cold-filtered which preserves the integrity of the protein, and has added chia seed for all its super-food benefits.
  • I have found no other brands that do not include either aspartame or sucrolose (and believe me, I’ve searched). IDLife Shakes are sweetened with Stevia.
  • The chocolate shake can be added to hot water for a yummy hot chocolate (but be extremely careful shaking it up as the pressure builds quickly and the ceiling of your kitchen will have chocolate speckles as mine does)
  • For great shake recipes check out this Facebook page IDLife Recipes.  You’ll find everything from mocha, pumpkin spice, pina-colada, and many more!


PRE workout: One scoop in my water as I drive to the gym gets me ready to push through whatever workout is in store for that day.

During the last couple of prep weeks my body was so tired I often feel as though I was swimming through molasses, but the PRE took that feeling away.

POST workout: As soon as my workout is complete I add a scoop of POST to another 12 oz of water. This helps with muscle recovery and prevents soreness.

These 3 products and a half-gallon of water plus a couple cups of coffee are how I start strong each day.  And then there’s the water.  So much water.


Plain water gets boring after a while so I add a scoop of HYDRATE to my water bottle. It adds electrolytes without the harmful sugar or chemicals found in other sports drinks. Please check the labels of everything you put in your body. Can you pronounce the ingredients? Are there artificial sweeteners?  Compare to Hydrate and you’ll be amazed.


Mid-afternoon I generally feel like I could use a boost of energy, especially if a boring meeting is on the agenda. That’s when I add a mixed-berry flavored ENERGY packet to my water bottle. I like the flavor so much it would be tempting to drink them all day, but I don’t want to overdo the caffeine so I limit my intake to one or two per day.  One great perk of this ENERGY is that because there’s no sugar, there’s no crash when it wears off.

Hydrate & energy are products I use whether in contest prep mode or not, as is this next one…


My secret weapon when the 2-3 hours between meals seems like an eternity… APPETITE CHEWS! These little chews are the consistency of a tootsie roll so they give me a satisfying chew, but no sweetness. I chew them slowly to let as much as possible absorb through the mouth. That makes them much more effective than if I were to eat it quickly. The point with these, as with everything I eat, is for it to be fuel for my body and help me reach my goals.


One product that may surprise you in its effectiveness for weight loss and performance… SLEEP STRIPS. If you want your body to perform at it’s best, you have to give it everything it needs. Sleep is vital! One little strip on the tongue at bedtime helps me fall right to sleep and sleep more deeply. I wake up more rested and ready to hit the gym at 5am.

Bring all these together with the most important component IDNutrition. This is a customized vitamin packet I take morning and night. The vitamins in each packet are the result of an assessment that uses thousands of algorithms to figure out exactly what my body needs based on my current diet, how much sunlight I get, whether I’m stressed out (that would be a yes – blended family, full time job, contest prep), any medications I’m taking, and even how my family history of chronic illness factors in. I update my assessment every month as my diet changes so that I know I’m filling any nutritional gaps.


Yes, I’m a rep for this company. Why? Because it’s the very best – quality, integrity, effectiveness. Plus, contest prep can get expensive so it’s nice to have the extra income. Click on any of the links throughout this post for more information on any of the products.  If you’re interested in a sample let me know and I’ll be happy to send you one. I know you’ll love them as much as I do!


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