Chasing NPC Bikini: Hump Day


Blogging about this journey means I need to share the bad days as well as the good. Today is a bit of a rough one. Not terrible, just hump day I guess.


I’m tired. So tired. Not sure if it’s because I only eat carbs on leg day right now (a reason to look forward to tomorrow), or if it’s the fact that I’ve been getting up at 4:45am all week because my son wants to go with me to the gym. I love that he wants to tag along, but ugh so early! Whatever the reason, I’m dragging. I know I could have an ENERGY drink (don’t worry, they are all natural with no sugar or artificial sweeteners), but I’m pacing myself and saving that for mid-afternoon to make sure I survive the work day.

Also, I’m feeling tired emotionally too. I don’t want to work, deal with people or even browse Facebook. I just want to find a hammock and be alone.


Again I wonder is it the diet or the schedule I keep that brings this on? The meal I just finished was 2.6oz of tuna and 4oz green beans… my least favorite of the day. They just don’t go together. I like the green beans hot and the tuna cold, so I end up just squeezing jalapeno mustard on both and looking forward to my next meal of turkey and asparagus. I’m getting pretty tired of asparagus too, however. 8oz per day is a lot. It’s expensive and doesn’t reheat very well. At night I roast it, which is great, but the afternoon meal has to be microwaved at work. The only way I’ve found to make it taste okay is to mix Walden Farms BBQ sauce with more of my favorite jalapeno mustard. Lord help me if my coach takes away my condiments!!


I’m bored with water too. I drink at least a gallon and a half per day. Every few hours I switch to a Hint flavored water or a sparkling water or an unsweetened iced tea, or add Hydrate from IDLife. Whatever I can do to liven it up a bit, making sure that at least a gallon of the total is just plain ol’ water.


And one last thing I must confess I’m tired of… my hips and thighs. I work really hard and they are not cooperating. I do TRUST THE PROCESS but why is it taking so long?! I don’t cheat on my diet. I never skip leg day, or any day for that matter. I just want my work to show! Okay, rant over. There will be more posts on this topic later when I’m in a better mood… possibly while enjoying some oatmeal. (a girl can dream!)

Thank you for letting me whine and mope. Time to pick myself up, refill my water bottle, and attack the rest of this day!




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