Chasing NPC Bikini: CHEAT MEAL problems

Cheat meals… so much anticipation, so much enjoyment… until it’s over. That’s when the trouble starts, especially if you throw caution to the wind like I did last weekend.

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My competition prep officially began August 8th, and this is the first “cheat” I’ve had during that time (unless you count the 1 cashew I snuck the first week). Needless to say I was excited about this long awaited meal. My family planned a birthday dinner to celebrate the 4 birthdays we observed in the past week, mine included, at Macaroni Grill.


Surprisingly I do not have photographic evidence of all the delectable delights.  I guess I was too focused on the task at hand… stuffing my face. Plus having all our kids together can be a source of great amusement, so I paid little attention to my intake as I dabbed pieces of bread in olive oil, sampled various pastas and sauces to determine who made the best entree selection (my mother-in-law’s eggplant parmigiana took the prize). Then since it was a birthday celebration, we had to take advantage of the 4 free deserts to which the restaurant treated us! Oh, and I brought bundtinis from the amazing Nothing Bundt Cakes because I hadn’t planned on ordering dessert.

deceptively cute

If you eat what I call a typical American diet, this meal probably sounds pretty normal, especially for a festive family dinner. For my fellow clean eaters, you probably already know the trouble I was spiraling toward.  And you may also understand the WHY behind the slippery slope of SUGAR.


All the “bad” stuff I ate broke down to that similar element. Bread turns to sugar. Pasta turns to sugar.  And obviously the desserts were full of the worst kind, refined sugar!

When you go without sugar for long periods of time, your body does not respond well to a sudden onslaught.  Let me just say I barely slept due to a terrible stomach ache, headache, overall body ache and a feeling like the blood in my veins was spiked with poison.


It’s scary to me to think that up until 2 years ago I consumed sugar daily, and that most of the people I know and love still do.  Our bodies seem to adapt.  At least, they adapt enough that you don’t feel like crap every time you eat it.  It’s too bad though, because you don’t notice as it’s draining away essential nutrients and hurting your body in so many ways.

For more information on the harmful effects of sugar check out this article from Global Healing Center on The Sweetest Poison.  And for help detoxing your body and replacing those nutrients, start with this assessment of your nutritional health from IDLife.


The other thing I blame for my post-cheat stomach trouble is the dairy that was in the pasta’s cream sauce. I never eat cream sauce! What on earth was I thinking?!  Ever since I made the switch to eating clean I can no longer tolerate dairy. Frozen yogurt used to be my favorite cheat, until I realized it was making me bloated & gave me a stomach ache that would last as long as 3 days!


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So, I suffered through the night and the next morning reluctantly rose and powered through my workout, despite the sugar hangover. That and lots of water (and some strong, black coffee) got me back to feeling less like this guy…


My next cheat meal is in 4 weeks – my sister’s wedding. You can bet I will avoid the cake!

– If you are new to my blog and want to start from the beginning of this NPC Bikini journey, start with Go All In.

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