Chasing NPC Bikini: Build More Booty


Contest prep is over. Now what?

If you’ve been following my journey you may be wondering… when was the contest?

Well, I did not actually compete. Not yet.

Remember, 10 years ago I lost 65 lbs. Even after all this time, I still have some extra skin to deal with.


This prep was just the first step in discovering what that skin would look like once we burned through the fat.  All firm and tight?


Well, the fact that I’m still not ready to post pictures in a swimsuit should be your first clue. During the 10 weeks I followed the contest prep workout and diet regimen, we got me pretty lean and learned that the skin folds over and lies there. Not exactly what I was hoping for, and definitely not what I want to parade on stage in a bikini.

This has been my biggest question and concern since day one of weight lifting. I kept looking for someone to tell me the skin would tighten up. What I’ve learned is that no one really knows for sure. Every body is unique. Different people grow and shrink in different ways, so the only way to know what your body will do is to do it.


My arms have firmed up a lot more than I ever expected, so that gives me hope for my hips/thighs/buttocks. However, my arms were never the problem spot of my pear-shaped build. The lower half is going to take more work, a lot more work. But that’s okay. I’m in this as long as it takes. Nobody said it would be easy or quick.

Next step: build a booty!  The only way to fill that loose skin is to build more muscle to fill it out. So many years of my life were spent wishing for a smaller butt, it’s hard to wrap my brain around working toward a bigger one. But that is exactly what I need to do.  In other words, MORE SQUATS!  (among other “glute growing” moves)


Will it be enough? Who knows! At some point I many need to have surgery to really fix that problem skin, but I’m not ready to worry about that yet. I’d like to keep lifting and building and see how much I can do on my own. I’ve already made so much progress, and while it’s not easy to say I’m willing to dedicate more years to this process, the truth is I AM willing. Working out is my quality time, my therapy, my passion. Seeing myself get better and stronger day by day never gets old.



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