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Mother… step-mother… wife…. employee… volunteer… friend… client… any of these describe you?  All of them?  Worn all of those hats already today?  No wonder you’re worn out!

Moms today are busier than ever.  Not sure how it happened.  We balance so many things, and most of us, whether we work outside the home or not, are still the managers of our households.  We’re paying bills and picking up groceries while running kids from school to music, gymnastics, dance, soccer, whatever.  Our homes are expected to be clean.  Our sex lives are expected to be fulfilling.  Our careers are expected to be reaching the next level.  What exactly is the next level anyway?!

In fact, I’d say the most common arguments in our home stem from mom feeling overworked and under appreciated.  We’re working on that.  I’m working on being better at delegating duties, and we’re all looking for ways to lighten the load, even if it means occasionally saying “No” and missing out on something.

The good news is, whether or not it’s appreciated, I do have the energy to tackle my mountain of tasks.  My day starts at 5am with valuable “me time” at the gym.  I’m home by 7am to get 3 boys fed and out the door to school.  By the time I get to work at 9, I’ve already been “on-duty” for 4 hours.  I’ve walked the dog, started a load of laundry, checked Facebook and emails, and sent out a few invites for an upcoming business event, all while trying to fix my hair and makeup so I don’t scare anyone along the way.

At lunch I run errands – post office, dry cleaners, or home to start the crock pot for dinner.  After work, it’s all about the teenagers… band practice, play rehearsal, driving lessons, part-time jobs.  Then if I’m lucky I will make it home in time for dinner unless I have a ministry event or a mixer to attend for a business I’ve launched on the side.

Any of this sound like your schedule?  I know I’m not the only one running around like a crazy person.  It’s become the “Mom Dance”.

There are a few things I credit with giving me the ENERGY to keep up this dance.  Perhaps they will help you too…

  1.  Faith: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
  2.  Clean Eating: cutting out processed food & sugar keeps me from feeling weighed down, or getting the afternoon crash (see post “Eat Less Crap“) No matter what you eat, make sure you take the right supplements to fill the nutritional gaps.  I’ll post a link at the bottom for you to find out what you’re missing.
  3.  Weight Training: Getting out of bed at 5am is no picnic, but starting the day with a good workout gives me a boost that even coffee can’t match
  4.  Coffee: Because it’s awesome.  Learn to drink it black.  It’s better for you and it makes you feel like a bad a$$.
  5.  ENERGY: from ID Life.  It’s an all-natural mixer I put in my water bottle after lunch (or right before a long meeting).  It not only increases my energy but also helps with mental focus.
  6.  My Why:  Remember WHY you do what you do.  I post pictures of my family around my desk at work to remind me why I work so hard…. but also to remind me to occasionally slow down, take a break.  Don’t spend so much time creating an awesome life that you forget to live it.

If you want more information or help with any of these suggestions, comment below or let me know at Live Love Blend on Facebook.

For workouts I can connect you with my amazing trainer Kelly Taylor.  She can help you even if you don’t live nearby.  (technology is a wonderful thing)

Or if you need to find a way to connect to God, I’d love to direct you to some great resources.

And, to learn more about ENERGY or any of the ID Life products just click HERE.

Now pick it up girls, we have work to do!


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