I feel a pull in my heart toward public speaking, and boy do I have a lot to share on a lot of subjects!  I guess you already know that since you’re reading my blog.  Well I was super excited recently to be asked to share my journey with my fellow gym rats at Camp Hero Fitness.

My gym is like none other I’ve ever known.  Every Saturday morning at 8am we all gather as the owners & trainers give a motivational talk, then we all work out together.  I’ve come to look forward to this time as one of the highlights of my week.  Last weekend topped all for me because I got to take the stage.  I’d like to share a bit of it here with you.

The theme of my message was the importance of paying equal attention to developing your mind, body and spirit.  You can work really hard on developing one or two of these areas, but if you don’t grow in all 3 you’ll end up lopsided and running in circles.

In my talk I shared my whole story of growing up and the mistakes I made, making sure to point out the times when I was most off balance.  For instance, when I was a teenager & thought I could use my body to gain the attention I craved, I found it left me feeling empty and lonely.  There was no development going on in my mind or spirit.

During my first marriage I spent a lot of time and effort working on learning how to do my job and how to be a good wife and mom.  I was growing in my mind and spirit, but stopped paying attention to my body and gained 60 lbs.


It’s only been through much exploration of my motivations, giftings, shortcomings, etc that I’ve finally learned the importance of this balance.  And while I’m far from perfect, I can honestly say that I’ve got a pretty good balance going on, especially for a blended family mom!  Here are some of the tools I’ve used.  Click on each for more information…

12 Step Program (I’ve done my steps 3 times!)
– Bible Studies (Beth Moore is my favorite)
Boundaries class
Freedom classes at my church
Divorce Care
Blended Family classes at my church
Volunteering with a ministry aimed at reaching girls in the adult entertainment industry
Working out
Eating Clean
Recycling and caring for our earth
Prayer (lots of it!)

After my talk at the gym I had several people approach me and say that my message was exactly what they needed to hear.  A couple of them told me they got goosebumps.  WOW!
I truly hope this is just the beginning.  If my journey can help someone else then I’ll know that not a moment was wasted.

What do you do to balance your MIND, BODY & SPIRIT?

(archived from Sept. 9, 2013)

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