Chasing NPC Bikini: Gum Gets Sticky

We have reached the halfway point of this 12-week show prep! If you ever wonder whether I’m struggling with the diet… just look to see if I’m chewing gum. If I am, then the answer is YES.

And if you look in my purse, car, gym bag or desk drawer and see the variety of brands and flavors, you’ll see I’ve taken gum chewing to a new level. It’s got to stop.

Gum flavors

Sugar-free gum may not pose a risk to my diet, but I know it’s completely unhealthy. It’s got either aspartame or sucralose, both of which I avoid everywhere else! Even the “natural” gum (which by the way loses flavor in about 10 seconds) is made with Xylitol, which I’ve discovered gives me a terrible stomachache. Actually they all give me a stomachache, and sometimes a headache too when I’ve gum-binged.

And yet I’m still chewing. Ugh! It’s mainly I think because I’m craving more variety of flavors, not to mention filling the gap while my trainer has me fasting until 2pm every day for the 4th week straight! Drinking only water, coffee and green tea from 5am-2pm gets really boring.  And I’m not alone.  This is why I love having teammates with similar struggles…

Gum support

The fun part: I’ve found that I can do a little mixology by chewing a piece of Pineapple Twist while drinking a coconut flavored sparkling water. Another favorite is to chew a cinnamon flavored gum while drinking green tea. Yes, it’s gotten that bad. Ha!


Just when I thought my new gum obsession had gone unnoticed, look what my son gave me for my birthday a couple weeks ago.  That boy knows me well!

Birthday Cake gum

Please don’t lecture me on the dangers of gum and all the crap that goes in it. I know. I am limiting my intake to one piece at a time and no more than one per every couple of hours. It’s a start. And like everything else about this process, it’s one step at a time.  Tomorrow I will do better.  More water, less gum.  In fact, I should mention that I’ve begun making my water much tastier by keeping a pitcher with cucumber & lime slices on hand.  Yummy!  Although, at a gallon and a half per day, that’s a lot of slicing!

Oh, and to my co-workers I should probably apologize for any gum popping. That also relieves the boredom. #sorrynotsorry

Hope you’re enjoying the oddities of my journey to the NPC Bikini stage.  If you’d like to start from the beginning of this process, click here on Go All In.

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