3 Reasons to LOVE leg day: Chasing NPC Bikini



If you were to see me climbing the stairs at work ever so slowly, with a pained look upon my face, you might have trouble believing that I love leg day. I do, however, and here’s why:


  1. CARBS!

The meal plan I’m on right now includes extra carbs every leg day. Right before and after my workout I have a scoop of Karbolyn mixed into 12 oz water. The post-workout scoop I add to my vanilla SHAKE. The 2 don’t really mix well together. For some reason they form doughy clumps, and since the Karbolyn is fruit punch flavor, it tastes like fruity dough. But I like it. I don’t get any fruit or dough in my diet right now so I just enjoy my weird protein/carb clumps.

Plus I get a sweet potato and a cup of corn on leg day… so it’s a food win!


  1. BOOTY!

Shortly after I started weight training a friend of mine told me that the shape of my butt would never change. She wasn’t trying to be unkind. She just meant that genetics would prevent the complete booty make-over that I desired. I’m happy to say that she was wrong. In fact, I wish I’d measured the distance from the bottom of my butt cheek to the floor because I’m pretty sure it’s lifted at least an inch.

For the record, I’ve always hated my rear view. It’s been my “problem area” for about 30 years, so you can only imagine how weird it is for me to now say I want to BUILD a BOOTY. But that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m building my glutes so that they lift and fill in the skin that my weight loss left behind.  It’s a long process but I’m in it for as long as it takes.

Every leg day gives me another opportunity to work that area… so it’s a body win!


  1. PSYCHE!

My legs are pretty strong. I used 60lbs for lunges today and 100lbs for dead lifts. When I first started lifting I used no weight for lunges and 20lbs for dead lifts. Progress! My first leg press was done with probably 85lbs, now I can do nearly 500lbs. My friends at the gym often make comments about how strong I am when I do leg press (learn more about lifting with friends and how guys feel about leg day in my post The Gym is my Social Life).  It’s the first time in my life I’ve ever been thought of as an athlete.


Basically, it kind of makes me feel like a badass… so it’s a mental win!


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