Diet is Key


I’ve been weight training for 2 years now.  My body has changed A LOT in that time.  However, I must say that I see the most progress when I follow my eating plan.  I call it an “eating plan” instead of a “diet” because it’s not a temporary thing.  Sure, the foods change from time […]

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Plan Ahead


My trainer Justin Blevins is awesome!  He really knows his stuff.  However, he just about invoked my wrath last night when he replied to a food question with the response, “you should plan ahead”.  Oh if he only knew!!  Side note: my wrath is not so hard to invoke given that I haven’t had carbs […]

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Go All In: Chasing NPC Bikini


Are you actively pursuing your goals?  Do you even know what they are?  I didn’t always.  In fact, I spent many years in what I would call survival mode. I was so unhealthy.  I was in an unhealthy marriage, eating unhealthy food and gaining weight little by little as I surrounded myself with a protective […]

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Is Your Marriage on Track?


Families have complicated dynamics, even when it’s as simple as mom/dad/child.  Everyone has “stuff” that complicates how we react to situations, or interact with one another. Now you’re in a blended family, where the dynamics include the hurts caused by divorce, plus ever-changing agendas of ex-spouses, kids with abandonment issues, child support regulations, parenting and […]

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Listen to Yourself


I have a quick challenge for you. Think about the last time you told someone about your spouse… maybe it was a story your were sharing with a coworker, or perhaps you were on the phone with your mom venting about a recent argument… whatever the circumstances, what were your words?  If the person you […]

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