Get Outta My Space!

Married couples everywhere understand the adjustments husbands and wives have to make in order to co-exist.  He has to learn proper bathroom etiquette.  She has to learn not to walk between the recliner and the TV during football season.  These are normal person to person struggles as we get used to having another human being […]

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Time to Grow Up


When you think about raising kids, have you ever asked yourself at what age is the “raising” complete?  18? 20? College graduation?  And what is the next step in the parenting process with this new adult? When I was growing up I thought you graduated high school, went to college and “poof” you were an […]

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Forced Family Festivities

I think I’m suffering from “Facebook Envy”. Does this ever happen to you? Do all of the pictures and posts of families doing fun holiday things together leave you longing to trade yours in? One family is decorating the cutest gingerbread cookies. Another family is piling into mom’s minivan to go look at Christmas lights. […]

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Shut up and Pray!


I talk too much.  You might call me an “over-sharer”.  I’m frequently walking away from a conversation thinking “why did I tell him/her all of that?”  And when my husband and I have a disagreement, what do you think I want to do (once I’ve gotten over the urge to throw something)?  You guessed it!  […]

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Boost your Energy

Mother… step-mother… wife…. employee… volunteer… friend… client… any of these describe you?  All of them?  Worn all of those hats already today?  No wonder you’re worn out! Moms today are busier than ever.  Not sure how it happened.  We balance so many things, and most of us, whether we work outside the home or not, […]

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When Kids Don’t Fit In

Growing up is not easy.  Remember the preteen years, learning how to express your individuality while not attracting the wrong kind of attention?  Examining the kids in a blended family sometimes feels like looking at a science experiment through a microscope.   You can see the individual life forms wiggling around, sometimes bonding together, other times […]

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