Is Your Marriage on Track?


Families have complicated dynamics, even when it’s as simple as mom/dad/child.  Everyone has “stuff” that complicates how we react to situations, or interact with one another. Now you’re in a blended family, where the dynamics include the hurts caused by divorce, plus ever-changing agendas of ex-spouses, kids with abandonment issues, child support regulations, parenting and […]

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Listen to Yourself


I have a quick challenge for you. Think about the last time you told someone about your spouse… maybe it was a story your were sharing with a coworker, or perhaps you were on the phone with your mom venting about a recent argument… whatever the circumstances, what were your words?  If the person you […]

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Kiss Me Quick

Family cover photo

Don’t look now but we’re sneaking a kiss! We should sneak them more often, and so should you. There is just something so special, so sweet, so tender about a kiss between a husband and a wife.  And yet, like so many other things, our kisses get lost in the busyness of life.  Blended families […]

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Are you Married to a Fixer?


Ever tell a man your problems?  Chances are he came up with ways to fix them.  Did you take his advice?  Probably not.  In fact, more than likely you found his advice more annoying than helpful.  Why? When faced with problems, men and women deal with them in vastly different ways.  Men tend to go […]

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What did he just call me?


Every kid who has a step-mother has probably wondered what they’ll be expected to call her.  We’ve all heard stories or seen tv shows with the typical, “She is NOT my mother!” exclaimed by a foot-stomping child.  Usually that behavior follows a demand by the child’s dad to call a new step-mother “mom”. I say […]

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Let it Go


More than a song lyric, “Let it Go” has become a slogan I say to myself frequently.  Worrying about bills? Let it Go.  Frustrated with the hubby for working such long hours?  Let it Go.  Holding onto resentment with the ex?  You guessed it… LET IT GO. Right now I’m finding myself wanting to send […]

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Get Outta My Space!

Married couples everywhere understand the adjustments husbands and wives have to make in order to co-exist.  He has to learn proper bathroom etiquette.  She has to learn not to walk between the recliner and the TV during football season.  These are normal person to person struggles as we get used to having another human being […]

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